Alyssa Milano Calls For Sex Strike in Defense of Women’s Reproductive Rights


Yes, America Alyssa Milano is this stupid and I encourage her to keep it up! Milano is the shining example of the stupidity Hollywood produces from young actors who grow up to be hardcore radical leftists, living in a delusional world. She is calling for women to refuse to have sex in defense of their reproductive rights aka KILLING unborn babies.

In her quest to show men and the Right who’s the boss, her message, which is of course directed to Leftists, was music to conservatives and sane Americans ears! By all means ALL Leftists should permanently participate in this protest refusing to have sex because the fight against abortion is not going away. By abstaining from sex the rate of abortions will drop significantly, and as a bonus it will also reduce the number of future unhinged violent Leftists plaguing our beautiful planet.

Thank you Alyssa, this conservative and millions more support your cause!

(On personal note, as an Italian I’d like to say Milano is not a representation of Italian women, unlike her they are quite intelligent.)