Illegal Immigration Surges to 110K, Aliens ‘Renting’ Children to Cross


The invasion of America continues and grows with nothing to stop it in sight. How many people live in your community? Look it up, bring it up on a map and drive around, because the number of illegals who crossed the border in April alone is the size of a town! Can your community handle double the number of people? Can it sustain half? Are there enough resources, money and space for these people who offer absolutely nothing to this country? Word is out to illegals all they have to do is cross over with child in-tow, (they’re now renting kids from the cartels) and they get to stay here because of our poor immigration laws.


There is only so much Pres Trump can do on his own to curb the infiltration along the southern border. The Border Patrol is overwhelmed, by design of course by the Left, where agents are being pulled to act as babysitters. Facilities are maxed out, resources are running out.

This invasion and abuse of children being used to stay in the US is on Congress, ALL of them! Neither side wants to do anything about the border, they just run to the cameras to politicize it, telling their supporters what they want to hear, while they bash each other. Congress again is at the root of another problem in America. We need to organize and march on DC demanding they stop politicizing this invasion and to take action. Far too many are shrugging their shoulders or encouraging challenges to Trump immigration policy go to a federal court run by radical judges. Voters, Left and Right, need to stop supporting and voting for the same people to serve in DC. We need new leadership who will work with Trump to put America first.