Unhinged Leftist Students Destroy “Build The Wall” Display On UNLV Campus


Once again we have another demonstration of how unhinged and frankly violent leftist students are at ANY university/ college campus. The hate they’re being taught indoctrinated with by radical leftists professors is undeniable. These monsters are so mentally unstable they’re incapable of controlling themselves when they get triggered by signs and a fake wall. Words! They cannot handle words or a paper wall without lashing out violently!

Free speech is only allowed on campuses like UNLV so long as you’re pushing the progressive agenda. Anyone voicing out opinion that goes against progressives, especially on border security and building the wall, is attacked. These violent unhinged monsters feel justified in destroying other people’s property because they never get disciplined because the school admin is progressive.

Here’s a concern, what happens when these monsters get into the real world and their boss criticizes their work? They’re NOT being educated in how to deal with objection and criticism, all they know is to react violently. The criminal justice system is going to be overwhelmed with these monsters coming in for assault and battery crimes!

(Ummm yes I believe that is a dude, in heels, with the partially shaved head, that knocked the Build the Wall sign down)

Parents you need to pull your kids out of these institutions if they are not seeking a career that truly requires a higher education, ie doctor, lawyer, science/ medical research, engineering and the like. Not only are they being put in debt for a useless education, guarantee what ever degree they’re seeking there is no job waiting for them, that nice kid you knew is no more after a semester or two!

The young lady whining about “indigenous people” needs a wake-up call. NO ONE is indigenous to the land we now know as the United States. “Native Americans” are no more native to the US as anyone whose family migrated here from Europe, Africa, Asia or anywhere else on this planet. Their ancestors MIGRATED to what is now North America & the United States, scientists estimate 13K-25K years ago. Even the “genius” liberal scientists can’t nail down exactly when they came from EurAsia/ Siberia, but if you pull their DNA that’s what you’ll find. Some will also have DNA matching South America and the Pacific! Fact is to suggest “Native Americans” were here from the beginning of man is 1000% absurd. There are NO 3.2M year old American “Lucy” fossils to give legitimacy to those calling themselves “Native American”. They’re descendants of migrants period.