Ilhan Omar Blames America For The Crisis In Venezuela


America, Rep Ilhan Omar has you dead to rights, it’s your fault Venezuela is in chaos being run by Leftist socialist dictators (democrats like Omar espouse to), Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicholas Maduro. It’s your fault this country RICH in natural resources is in full collapse experiencing 1,000,000% hyper-inflation. It’s your fault the people are starving, losing an avg 27lbs, as they’ve run out of food to eat, including pets and zoo animals. It’s your fault the people allowed themselves to be disarmed in 2012 and are now unable to defend themselves.

This nonsense from Omar is more proof she hates the United States and has NO BUSINESS whatsoever holding a seat in Congress.

All these radical socialists do anymore is run to a camera to blame the US for the woes of the world. Hell we should have stayed out of WW2, things would have gone swell for everyone don’t you think? Maybe we should’ve let ISIS be, allowing them to grow their caliphate since we’re such a terrible nation? You know we’re so terrible a Somali refugee could never come here, grow up without threat of being exterminated, get an education and become a US Congresswoman!

Let everyday this woman, this agent of CAIR/ Muslim Brotherhood, be a lesson to those of you who sat home, during the primary and general, that elections have consequences.