Pelosi Proves Illegals Are Protected Class As She Trivializes Immigration Law Enforcement


The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi was discussing immigration laws in Elmhurst, NY where she trivialized enforcing our laws when it comes to illegal immigration.

In this first clip Nancy doesn’t see ones legal status changing as grounds for deportation. So those here on visas that have expired have nothing to worry about should democrats regain super majority power. This is how we got a large amoutn of illegals in the country in the first place. They come here on work and student visas, they expire which means deportation but the people run and hide from law enforcement while leaching off the system. Nancy and the dems of course are ok with this kind of lawlessness.

In this second clip she who is THIRD in line for the US Presidency (in case some have forgotten) doesn’t even see the point in interior enforcement! The untruths she spews in under 44 seconds is not surprising as this is a propaganda technique all Leftists are utilizing. Pelosi and co leave the fact said individuals were given their day in court and by order of an immigration judge the individuals were given deportation orders. Like clockwork, and typical of all illegals (esp felons), they refuse to leave where a deportation raid is warranted. They only people breaking families apart are the illegal aliens who knowingly and willfully came into this country illegally, started a family knowing they could get thrown out. All you criminal illegals out there stealing, robbing, burglarizing, raping, assaulting, injuring if not killing Americans etc are being given a blessing to continue!

The democrat party by their Speakers Spokespersons words are the party of lawlessness. Pelosi is making it clear illegal aliens are a protected class, that they are First Class citizens. The Left will rally behind her which should scare the hell to every single law-abiding US citizen. Pelosi and her pandering ilk will do anything to hold onto power. They know illegals are their only way to permanent power, just as they did in California.

So what are you going to do about it? You have 498 days to decide America…