Sen Cruz Grilled Google Exec Over Political Censorship


Sen Ted Cruz did a good job grilling the Dir of Google User Experience, Maggie Stanphill (their Digital Well Being Expert), over a report from Project Veritas exposing what can only be considered as plans for election meddling. Google is abusing Sec 230 of the Communication Decency Act getting tax breaks for being a platform when they are in fact acting like a publisher by censoring conservative content.

Just a note for those who don’t know the video Project Veritas posted about censorship at Google was in fact CENSORED by YouTube over third party claims!! In their quest to silence PV, Google just proved what we all have known all along!

Stanphill was the equivalent of a sheep sent out to the wolves. She claimed she keeps politics out of the work place, but Cruz pointed out the company is quite anti-Trump, citing Google employees donated $1.35M to Hillary’s campaign, and $0.00 to Donald Trump!

Big question raised from todays hearing is WHY Google sent this “Digital Well Being Expert” (“feelings” expert if you ask me) to testify in front of Congress over their political censorship? From her testimony, Stanphill has no clue what is going on. She has nothing to do with the search algorithms that censor out conservative content, nor plays a role in the decision to shut down conservatives content on YouTube.

What you have here is a massive entity flipping off the govt while they are engaged in clear actions to MEDDLE with a presidential election. In other words Google is DOING what the Left claimed (with NO PROOF) the Russians did in 2016.

It’s time for Big Tech to come under federal oversight just as tv and radio when they became too influential in American politics and social issues since they’re acting like a publisher. Or, let them be while they allow all opinions and do no censoring of any content over political bias.