AOC and CA Gov Tell Illegals How to Avoid ICE

We have elected leaders now advising illegal aliens how to obstruct ICE, and other law enforcement agencies for that matter, from doing their job. The two biggest offenders are Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and CA Gov Gavin Newsom.

Granted Pres Trump delayed the deportation raids, giving democrats 2 weeks to come up with a solution, AOC still encouraged her supporters and countless others to interfere with law enforcement. ICE is doing their jobs, and FYI they don’t need permission to deport anyone who isn’t supposed to be here. The illegals they would be going after had their day in court, where a FEDERAL immigration judge issued an order for them to be deported. Many of the people targeted in the raid are criminals who have no business being here to begin with. AOC wants them here regardless, encouraging people to engage in illegal activity to aid and harbor illegals…

Here is Newsom spewing countless lies…

For a governor Gavin isn’t too smart. Write this down: Illegal aliens have no rights. The US Constitution is not a treaty with the world. The only “right” illegal aliens are entitled to is an immigration hearing.

Everything Newsom stated in that vid as a “right” is an outright LIE.

Newsom and AOC are encouraging Americans to commit federal crimes, like many mayors and other leaders, to aid and harbor illegal aliens. They have no shame, because they are shameless. The democrat socialist party has made it abundantly clear they care more about illegal aliens than US citizens. They have also sent a clear message they are as lawless.

It’s time for pitchforks and torches people.. law-abiding Americans need to take a page from the Left’s playbook and start protesting, marching, holding sit-ins etc. The time to bitch and moan is over.