Sanders Admits People Will Pay More For His Govt Run Healthcare Plan


“You can keep your healthcare plan if you like your healthcare plan” was the first lie told to the American people for the first step to govt run healthcare plan, obamacare, that turned into a total disaster. If Bernie Sanders is able to win the Presidency and get his version of govt run healthcare enacted not only will people get a lower quality care but we’ll all be paying more.

Socialism doesn’t work, never has, especially in countries whose borders are not secure. Everyone and their grandmother will flood into a nation offering free stuff like Sanders’ and all the other democrat candidates are offering. Their plan for govt run healthcare, education etc is unsustainable, and will inevitably lead to death. We have already seen examples like the healthcare systems in the UK, Canada etc, where foreigners, who have the means, will come to the US for treatment vs using their nations system. We also have an example of how bad things will go right here in the US via the Veterans Administration. We have Vets dying while they wait to see a doctor for care.

Sanders has never held a real job, he has never run a business or accomplished anything in his entire life yet thinks he can create a system to care for all 330M Americans at zero cost to the users! He’ll tax the rich to cover the expense, but what happens once he taxes them into bankruptcy? Bernie will go after rich corporations and Wall St, but again what happens once he taxes them into BK or they move overseas?

You ever see the movie Big with Tom Hanks, where his character proposes a new electronic comic book? Sanders and ANY Leftist offering free stuff, is Hanks’ character in that movie proposing a product that is unaffordable, impractical and frankly dangerous. The only thing that will come from Sanders’ plan is financial carnage and death.