ISIS is Coming to America


ISIS at its height during the obama admin put out countless propaganda videos promising to raise hell around the world. Mass migration/ illegal immigration of people from the middle east into Europe and other parts of the world was a result of people escaping the terrorists and war they created. ISIS vowed they would send fighters into large groups of migrants to infiltrate the West and carryout attacks as we’ve seen over the years.

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In the US we have had several ISIS inspired attacks from San Bernardino to New York, but we’ve yet to have actual ISIS fighters from the middle east come to our soil and kill Americans. Well ISIS is Coming to America thanks to the open border DC refuses to secure. Breitbart and the Daily Wire both have report about ISIS fighters coming through Central America and Mexico headed our way. The four monsters were picked up, but how many were coming through that these 4 got caught!? No one knows and it’s the same question people ask about illegals in general; for every one caught it’s estimated 4 illegals get through.

ISIS is a lot of things but they aren’t stupid, and it’s surprising we haven’t been hit yet by fighters who have traveled across the border by now. Aside from the humanitarian crisis that must be addressed we have a clear national security crisis, this site has stressed many times over the years.

Nicaragua Arrests Four ISIS Terror Suspects Headed To U.S. Border
Mexican President Confirms Alert over 3 ISIS Terror Suspects Headed to Border

Securing the border is not about racism, keeping hispanics etc out, it’s about keeping national security threats, from gangs to the cartels running drugs and guns to terrorists like ISIS, from coming here. It’s not just ISIS either, Hezbollah and Hamas have been active across the border for years. Who do you think the cartels learned how to tunnel under the border and mutilate people from!?

While the Left finally acknowledges there is a crisis on the border, because a man and his baby daughter drowned to justify their calls for relaxed border policy, keep in mind there are very bad people trying to get here to do very bad things. The Left is playing games with out security and lives for political points while cold-blooded killers are on their way, just like they promised!