CIA Director Warns ISIS Infiltrating Syrian Refugee Programs > 4% of Syrian Refugees Polled Approve of ISIS (Watch)

While many were in enraged and in shock by CIA Dir John Brennan’s comments on Syrian refugees infiltrating the refugee program if you are a reader of STR you knew this was coming. IMO Dir Brennan and others who speak out, contradicting obama are doing it because they know what we all know… trouble is coming. WHEN we get hit again and hard, they don’t want to be held responsible, so what we’re seeing here is a classic CYA.

Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies 2014 pollI posted about this 2014 Syrian refugee poll way back in 2015 after the Bataclan attack. Since things are only getting worse people need to be made aware of this threat the obama admin is dismissing.

In 2014 the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies conducted a poll on Syrian Refugees where 4% approved of what ISIS is doing. Now consider that the obama admin is accelerating its plans of bringing more refugees to the US which will most likely exceed the 85,000 estimate. If we take 4% of 85K that gives us 3,400 refugees who approve of ISIS. Now as I did before and will do again to satisfy the naysayers out there, let’s do 4% of that which gives us 136 hardcore devout ISIS supporters whom we can assume are not friendly to America.

19 killed 3000, brought down the World Trade Center and left the Pentagon burning
7 killed 130 in Paris
1 killed 13 at Ft Hood
1 killed 4 in Tennessee
2 killed 14 in San Bernardino
1 killed 50 in Orlando

Imagine the chaos and devastation 136 could do! Too many still libs? Fine I’ll cut that in half, imagine what 68 “refugees” who approve of ISIS could do out of the 85,000++ this govt is bringing to the US?!

This president and his enabling govt are putting every single American man, woman and child in mortal danger. Many officials are on record stating they cannot guarantee with 100% certainty these refugees pose no threat to America. There is no database, no files or records to cross reference and see if refugee X is a threat. There is however plenty of threats from ISIS that they WILL infiltrate Europe and the US through the refugee programs. Are you willing to take that .08% chance? It’s like reaching into a big bowl of M&M’s, would you do it if you knew .08% could make you sick or even kill you? What do you do? Take a page from the left in how they march, protest, make demands and have recall elections because what you’ve been doing for over 8 years America IS NOT WORKING. US military it’s time for you to uphold that oath you hold in high regard.