Dana Loesch Gets Into Heated Gun Control Debate With Clueless Anti-Gun Socialist (Watch)

This was a very short segment but Dana Loesch clearly came prepared to wipe the floor with anti-gun socialist (closet communist) Nomiki Konst who is use to bulldozing over other Fox guests with her socialist nonsense, cooked up “research” and talking over them.

From the onset of the segment, following the Howard Stern clip defending the Second Amendment, you could tell Loesch wasn’t having any of Commie Konst’s bs as her eyebrow popped when Nomiki cited FBI research that only 3% of “good guys with a gun” are successful in an active shooter situation. Really? Please Nomiki cite all these active shooter events when someone was actually armed to stop a nutcase or terrorists?! I mean seriously who comes up with this trash? Only a lying commie that’s who!

Dana finally got to speak and address AR-15’s that made that whiny little commie come unhinged. Loesch had her up against the wall so bad Konst was literally begging to get a word in but Dana was not about to let her spew more bs and the segment ended.
[Doubt it was a time issue either Ms Kelly.]

It would be nice if Megyn Kelly would do a special on gun control with Dana and Nomiki so the world can see how clueless, uninformed liberals like Konst really are when it comes to firearms. Fact she ID’d an AR-15 as weapon of war is proof, as the US military would never use it in combat!