Mueller Rejected Dems Characterization of Report, Sinks Dreams of Impeaching Trump


The democrats last hope, their white knight Robert Mueller finally appeared in front of Congress in what they hoped he would deliver the final,nails in Trump’s presidency. Sadly things didn’t go their way. Aside from appearing feeble, befuddled and hard of hearing the fmr Special Counsel rejected dems characterization of his report 3 times!

The dems tried tooth an nail to get Mueller to give them the ammo, to say the words they needed to justify impeaching Pres Trump.

To this day Pres Trump has done nothing wrong. The actions dems cite as grounds for impeachment are not illegal. Trump spoke out as anyone would if they were accused of something they didn’t do. He had every right to fire anyone he wanted under the Constitution. Mueller nor any members of his team were fired even though the dems ranted for months that was happening.

This silent coup isn’t over, it will continue. Watch the media over how they will attack Mueller. Dem leaders will look for any reason for yet another do-over to investigate POTUS; they’ll never stop until he is out of office.