Scarborough: CBP is Treating Illegal Alien Kids Like Military Treats Terrorist Prisoners


Joe Scarborough ranted over how CBP is treating illegal alien kids in detention centers the same way the military treated captured terrorists during the Iraq War at Abu Ghraib prison!


I seem to recall a certain party’s president and media demonizing the police making them the enemy of the people. That demonization led to countless assassinations of police officers across the country as well as a large attack in downtown Dallas, TX. The Left is creating the same hateful atmosphere against CBP who are doing the best they can after being completely overwhelmed with the influx of illegals, no thanks to the democrats and the republicans.

Yes there is crowding in these facilities and they probably aren’t the cleanest, but to suggest CBP agents are deliberately treating children like captured terrorists is abhorrent! Guys like Scarborough do not care if his rhetoric causes agents to be attacked or killed, the same way obama couldn’t careless about what his rhetoric did to police.

This kind of talk needs to be squashed quickly and Joe should be reminded this was going on when his messiah obama was ruling. It was because of these overcrowded conditions illegals were being cut loose on the streets of America resulting in protests, more tension/ division between Americans and an uptick in crime.

Demonizing CBP gets us nowhere but more divided… then again thats what the Left wants. They want division and conflict because they think when the dust settles they’ll be the ones standing tall to take over and run the entire nation!

Like this site has warned, democrats are executing Cloward-Piven Strategy on massive scale to collapse the US through illegal immigration… It’s all part of the plan.