Tlaib’s Call For $20/Hr Min Wage Will Cause Economic Chaos


The Left has been calling for higher wages for low-skilled work with their Fight For $15 campaign that’s been going on for years. Senior member of the 4 Horsewomen of the Apocalypse, Rep Rashida Tlaib has decided to take it up a notch calling for $20/hr federal minimum wage!


As warned on this site, since 2015, granting high wages for low-skilled workers will cause economic chaos. Businesses will be forced to reduce staff, cut hours, raise prices, downsize, sell the company or close up shop.

There are people with bachelors and masters degrees making $20+/hr. Tlaib and the Left think someone flipping burgers, running a cash register, swinging a mop or answering calls should be making as much if not more than those who have paid their dues earning degrees to get jobs that pay higher wages.

Read the piece I wrote in 2015 in response to $15/hour demand. Everything I warned about will happen at a much faster rate if dems get power to institute a higher federal min wage. Businesses are already closing as it is over cowering to the rage mob demanding higher wages. To go even higher will cause economic chaos like we haven’t seen. If such foolishness is followed through robots/ automation will be put in place of workers at every job you can imagine. Unemployment will skyrocket along with prices for goods and services… inflation will be rampant.

What you have here is another adult with the mind of a child pandering to the mob. Tlaib has no clue on basic economics, not realizing her higher wages will result in food prices she rants about going even higher. Cost of living doesn’t drop when you raise wages, any Econ 101 student knows this. Dems want to crash the economy and blame it on the Right hoping voters in pain will give them absolute power – this is all this higher wage nonsense is about. They don’t care if they crash the economy.