MSNBC Guest Declares Racism is as American as Apple Pie GOP


Tiffany Cross of The Beat DC appeared on MSNBC’s AM Joy going on a tirade declaring Pres Trump and his supporters, really anyone not on the Left, are racists by likening them to nazis and the KKK.

If you wear a MAGA hat you should know,according to Cross and co, that is a nazi symbol, better yet a modern-day klan hood! Cross’ rant is classic Leftist revisionist history, pinning everything the Left has done on the Right.

Democrats created the KKK, they had white supremacists in the halls of Congress (ex: Hillary’s mentor Sen Robert Byrd a fmr KKK member holding title of Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops) to the White House (Pres Woodrow Wilson was a racist responsible for segregating the military, as well as creating the first batch of internment… “concentration camps” in the US during WWI). Have we talked the Civil War? Democrats brought this country to war over their obsession with slavery; Dixiecrats were southern democrats NOT republicans.

There’s nothing offensive about saying “illegal immigrant”. It’s only offensive to those seeking to control what we can and cannot say, who are are trying to change this country. If you’ve taken notice most networks/ outlets, INCLUDING Fox News, are now calling them “migrants”! They’re illegal aliens don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. These RACISTS, everything they said in this clip is in fact racist towards whites, know it but want to make it difficult for anyone to speak out against them, it’s a form of censorship.

People need to start pushing back against this nonsense. Days of playing it cool, turning the other cheek, “rising above” is over. That kind of thought got us into this mess, where Leftists can take to the air call Americans with opposing views racists.