Nadler: Border Agency Heads Should Be Prosecuted For Child Abuse


This is rich.

The democrats for months said there was no crisis on the border, then they said it was manufactured, now they say illegals are being held in concentration camps. They mocked anyone, including POTUS, when they spoke out over the how dire the situation is and dems voted against funding that would give CBP and HHS the money they need to care for illegals. AOC and co were right there condemning the admin over the harsh treatment, whining about not enough beds. Wayfair gets contracted to supply beds for the detention centers but then the Justice Democrats spokeswomen condemns it where Wayfair workers walkout and threats of boycott were issued!

Now we have Jerry ‘The Hut’ Nadler saying he wants to prosecute border agency heads for the child abuse being committed at these detention centers!

What child abuse? The Left keeps saying children, and adults, are being abused but they’ve yet to produce actual proof. “Ohhh they don’t have toothbrushes,” really? These peole don’t even know what a toothbrush is and it’s been reported repeatedly Border Agents and Staff are going above and beyond to care for the children. They’re bringing food, toys, diapers etc paid for out of their own pocket to care for these kids.

The only people abusing illegal alien kids, and adults, are the democrats who are USING THEM FOR POLITICAL POINTS the closer we get to 2020 election. They’re the ones cutting funds from CBP while going on tv promising free EVERYTHING for illegals at taxpayers expense. Democrats have a history of abusing minorities, just ask people living in inner-cities that have been under democrat rule for decades!

This is what happens when people sit home election day America. We get monsters like Nadler in office who is responsible for the problems not only pointing the finger of blame but now wants to prosecute those he did nothing to help!