Dem Rep Calls For People Who Make Fun of Congress to Be Prosecuted


Dem Rep Frederica Wilson is another democrat showing the Left is nothing but a pack of tyrants. This joke of a US House Representative wants to see anyone who is makes fun of members of Congress prosecuted!

Anyone who makes a death threat should be investigated but it’s not a crime to threaten someone, it happens all the time! Just ask Pres Trump about the death threats made against him thanks to the propaganda the media shovels out daily. Go ask talk radio host Dana Loesch about the death threats she gets on a daily basis or any conservative radio host for that matter. While such threats are vile and offensive, obviously life threatening, it’s called FREE SPEECH, and cops will tell you there’s not much they can do.

As for prosecuting those making fun of Congress, this is as pure of an example of tyranny that you could possibly get. Wilson shows just how power hungry the Left is. They want to silence ALL dissent, go listen to it again she leads with wanting to prosecute anyone making fun of Congress. 

God help us if the democrats hold the House, gain the Senate and take the White House in 2020. This country as you know it will be over, headed into some dystopian nightmare like those we see depicted in 1984, The Running Man, Equilibrium or even Demolition Man! [Back stories of govt in these movies is what Left wants]