AOC Warns Because of Climate Change Ancient Diseases Might Escape From Melting Glaciers

Hey New York is this really the best you could do? Every week this CHILD produces another example as to why she has no business serving in govt. The same girl who graduated from Boston U with a degree in economics but ended up bartending is now an expert on climate change. (That just goes to show how useless a college education is at this point).

Again this scientific theory comes from a girl who was bartending a year ago.

Where do we even start with this? Is it possible some disease lies dormant frozen within the glacier? Sure, with everything going on and democrats / socialists very existence have proved anything is possible at this point. But if you ask me this sounds like a really bad Hollywood movie… actually sounds familiar about some dormant disease breaking out in the world. The odds of such an event happening are pretty slim, but what’s really at issue is the outright fear-mongering this MONSTER is using to push through the Left’s climate change agenda.

If they can’t convince people the temperature of the Earth is rising, well then maybe the threat of some ancient pandemic breaking loose will do the job! The Left has no limit over how low they will go to get their way.