Rep Omar Calls for the UN to “Handle” the US Border Crisis


Ilhan Omar, speaking at a community town hall on immigration, called for the United Nations to be brought in to handle the US border crisis. She cited the inhumane treatment of “migrants and asylum seekers” as cause “to bring in the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees, an agency that has the expertise and the training to handle massive flows of refugees humanely.”

Democrats created this mess by ringing the bell for illegals to flock to the US, KNOWING the invasion (that IS what it is) would overwhelm the Border Patrol and all the detention facilities. They use the overcrowding to call for open borders, amnesty and now the UN to manage who comes into this country. FYI the people crossing the border being held are NOT migrants nor asylum seekers, they’re illegal aliens who have NO RIGHT to be here. They should be checked out, given some food and put on a bus back over the border.

As for the UN running our border… it will never happen. There is no easy way to put this: I have heard for years people saying in forums and elsewhere if they ever see ‘blue helmets’ operating on US soil they will open fire!

Omar can go to hell with this recommendation, AND double that with her lecturing the US about being moral. This is the same woman who has apparently married her own brother to work the immigration system, has campaign finance violations, an anti-Semite, who is having a affair with a married man!