Beto Blames US For Drought In Guatemala


Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is getting pretty desperate to remain relevant in dem circles now that other dems running for president have taken his spotlight. The cultural appropriator has tried to reinvent himself couple times now, to hold on to potential voter support, where he’s resorted to calling POTUS a racist and now he’s blaming the US for the drought in Guatemala!

It’s your fault for not believing in the junk science of climate change that Guatemala has a drought. Amazing those people stood there in agreement thinking, “Yea it’s my fault”.

Maybe you’re not aware of it but the JERK who started this nonsense guys like Al Gore took the ball and ran with just got blasted by a judge, who  dismissed his defamation, because he refused to produce the data for his “Hockey Stick” analysis. That’s right the science which has been dismissed repeatedly by honest legit scientists, Gore, Sanders, all of the Left including this clown is junk based on numbers the guy who started it refuses to produce. But hey what the hell let’s blame Americans for the planet doing what it does naturally anyway so long as we get a few votes out of it right Beta!?

It’s safe to assume when the rain comes and they have flooding in Guatemala,  BETA will blame the US for that too.