Beto Confronted Over the Charlottesville ‘Very Fine People’ Hoax


Beto O’Rourke got confronted for continuing to push lies Trump called white supremacists and nazis in Charlottesville very fine people. The truth of the matter is there were 4 groups of people there. Trump was referring to Americans not associated with an extremist group who were arguing for and against a stupid statue, aka TO preserve or NOT preserve American history, they were the good people on both sides Trump was referring to.

BETA lies that Trump has factually courted support of white supremacists and nazis. He lies repeatedly, on just about everything, in this short clip even claiming there was a 200% increase for the rise of hate crimes in cities Trump has held rallies. Where is this data, who correlated it? The Breitbart reporter FAILED to do his job by simply asking BETA to cite and source his alleged fact. People need STOP accepting things these lying Leftists say are true and accurate.

If you want to shut Leftists down, don’t argue, don’t debate but ask questions especially when they make statements of “fact”. The moment they do that call them out to provide proof and don’t let up until they do. Ask them to cite the source of their facts, “Oh wow thank you for setting the record straight on that, can you tell me the source of the stat you just provided?” Guarantee they will get flustered, agitated if not enraged, even violent when they cannot provide proof to their“‘truth’ over facts”

Beto is going out of his way to call Trump a racist thinking it will be enough to lock up his chances to win the DNC nomination. He is a model Leftist where when they have nothing honest and of substance to say they resort to the race card.