Gillibrand Willing to Prosecute “Assault Weapon” Owners Who Don’t Hand Them Over

In the wake of recent mass shootings committed by unhinged Leftists democrats have been calling for massive gun laws to be passed including banning “assault weapons”, whatever the hell they are. Mini-Hillary Clinton 0% chance presidential candidate, Kirsten Gillibrand appeared on the DNC’s media arm to discuss gun control, mandatory buybacks aka forced confiscations….

First off how can a govt buyback** something that was never theirs? This just goes to show how stupid these people are.

That said Mini-Hillary is open to prosecuting gun owners who do not hand over their “assault weapons”, which means she, and the others, LIE when they say no one wants to take your guns. They do, and it’s not just those big scary black rifles either. Listen close to their language they speak in generalities and say they want to ban all semi-automatics. They constantly conflate military grade weapons with those possessed by civilians in their calls for outright bans.

These monsters want you disarmed and defenseless because they know if they get power back in DC they can’t do what they want to do with this country so long as the people are heavily armed. Your gun(s) are standing in their way, so these radicals will do and say whatever possible to get what they want.

Democrats if you want to start a civil war in this country please by all means continue on this path. You may get the guns back, but you’ll definitely get the bullets back first!

** Ill gladly hand over my:
rifles for $2M ea tax FREE in CASH or Gold
handguns for $1M ea “” “”
ammunition magazines $50K ea “” “”
ammunition $100K per 250 rounds “” “”
This is only offer on the table, not negotiable and I’m not kidding. You want to take my rights and property away Senator, this is the price…. for now.