They Warn and Hope It Doesn’t Happen, But the Left Wants a Recession

The Left is talking recession, discussing how bad it will be and that no one wants it to happen but deep down they do, thus this supercut from WFB.

Make no mistake the Left WANTS a recession, if not a full blown economic collapse. Why? They believe Americans (you, your family, friends, co-workers etc) will be hurting so bad financially that voters will turn on Pres Trump and the GOP voting democrats into power. Bill Maher was the only one who is being honest with his talk and hopes for a recession.

These radicals do not care about what will happen to Americans, many just getting by, down and out. All they want is power and they don’t care who gets hurt. That’s how desperate and dangerous the Left has become in the age of Trump. They truly believe when SHTF, be it economic collapse or civil uprising (incl civil war) they will be standing when the dust settles to rebuild it all their way.

The biggest threat to America is NOT the GOP, Donald Trump, NRA, the AR-15, ISIS, al Qaeda, drug cartels, killers, or climate change. The Left/ democrats are the biggest threat to America.