Sanders Gets Called Out to “Practice What You Preach” By Limiting Fossil Fuel Use


Bernie Sanders revealed his $16,000,000,000,000,000 climate change plan [full vid below] building off of the Green New Deal. During his announcement the socialist stated “we must transition away from fossil fuel period end of discussion there ain’t no middle ground – there is no middle ground”

A student called out the socialist marxist communist about what he was doing to limit his use of fossil fuel, to “practice what you preach”, where Sanders briefly mocked him and more or less admitted we’re not going to stop using it.

The “we” he is talking about that wown’t stop using it is his party, his people, NOT you and I who will be expected to find transportation and energy sources through other means. The Left NEVER practices what they preach. Al Gore, the fraud.. father of this movement, is the biggest offender of not practicing what he preaches followed by celebs like Leonardo diCaprio. They want everyone to cut fossil fuel use while they use it 24/7/365.

Oil is in EVERYTHING we use. Do your homework you will be amazed over how much we take for granted in a given day is because of fossil fuels. Sanders and his ilk think punishing corporations and tax payers will save the planet. Yeah taxes and regulations will lead us to salvation from a myth created by junk science.