NV Beauty Queen Stripped of Title Over Supporting Trump


Fmr NV beauty queen, US Army veteran, Katie Jo Williams, is another victim of the Leftist rage mob who silences anyone, anywhere, in any organization who expresses conservative views and supports Pres Trump. The media will double down supporting the pageants decision, saying Williams violated the rules, but the rules only apply when you go against liberalism. Williams is adamant other contestants push liberal content with no concerns, but she gets punished because she supports Pres Trump.

The Left will continue this persecution and censorship of conservatives because to date nothing has happened to any individual, entity or organization who has blatantly silenced their opposition. The GOP had their chance to do something but they sat back when they held majority watching and holding hearings that produced nothing (which they cont to date). If you want something done then you must elect CONSERVATIVES not republicans to office. Many in DC have shown their true colors, being big talkers and nothing more. Many have stepped down or have announced they won’t be seeking re-election. Their seats must be filled by hardcore Constitutional conservatives, otherwise the bigotry, prejudice and censorship will continue.

The next thing that must happen are massive EXPENSIVE lawsuits must be filed against those engaged in silencing opposition. The Left are masters at suing people, companies and organizations to get their way. The Right must do the same or you might as well throw the towel in now. The days for playing nice, by the rules (Left wrote) are OVER. Stand up for yourselves point fingers name names or this country is lost. If they can do it to a beauty queen they can most definitely do it to you!