Fmr Overstock CEO Reveals Comey and Strzok Involved in Political Espionage

Almost two weeks ago Patrick Byrne, now the former CEO of, told Fox Business he was interviewed by the FBI because of his ties to Maria Butrina. Today Byrne appeared on Fox Business’ Bulls & Bears , Fox News’ The Story and CNN’s Prime Time expanding on what was actually going on.

Byrne explains because of his previous work with the govt he was asked by the feds in what he thought was a law enforcement matter. He had no idea he was in fact being used in a game of political espionage against Hillary Clinton to gather info to “blackmail” her, as well as collecting intel against Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. The orders he was getting were coming from Peter Stzok and also fmr FBI Dir Jim Comey, two people at the center of the Trump Witch Hunt.


Byrne stated what he knows will rock DC and everyone will come after him to “grind me into dust”. In a preemptive move for going public, at the advice of Warren Buffett, he resigned as CEO of Overstock where one can only conclude to protect the company and take away any leverage Deep State actors would have had on him. He has no reason to lie about any of this and it all makes sense the more you hear it.

Byrne admitted to Cuomo person ‘Z’ is Comey, he stated Strzok was his handler calling the shots for him to do whatever it was they had him do, he was clear he did not believe obama was running the operation. So whose name is missing from today’s interview?

John Brennan, fmr CIA Director under obama

Two weeks ago Byrne stated “I can tell you two of the names involved were John Brennan and James Comey.” Loud mouth John Brennan was running the witch hunt just as many of us have assumed, and take note big mouth has been silent on social media as of late.

Byrne does jump around a lot in these interviews because he knows a lot, wants to share as much as he can and is clearly shaken over whats going on. But rest assured he spent time, not on live tv, telling AG Barr and US Atty John Durham, who know what questions to ask, EVERYTHING.

The coup conspirators should be quite concerned and better lawyer-up. Now that we have a competent AG involved we will soon get the truth of what in the hell was going on, especially since this was originally to blackmail Clinton!!