House Spokeswoman Admitted Dems True Intention is to Stop Trump’s Re-Election


House Spokeswoman proudly admitted to a crowd, at The Atlantic Festival prior to her impeachment inquiry speech, that the democrats true intention is to stop Pres Trump’s re-election. In other words the dems KNOW they cannot beat Trump at the ballot box, so they will continue to make shit up, throw spaghetti against the wall, until something sticks to take him down.

“…we have a clear discussion about whose vision for America is the one we want to go down, and that absolute essential that he not be reelected President of the United States.”

“He can’t win – that is very serious.”

Doing the nations business on matters of the economy, healthcare, poverty, homeless, illegal immigration, gun violence and national security are irrelevant to these monsters. It’s all about political power and the money they’re making, because if you don’t most of these people go to DC with barely any money to their name but leave MULTI-millionaires.

If you’re tired of this, and this goes double for moderate dems, you know what you have to do Nov 3, 2020. If you want to get back at the dems for all the bs they’re pulling, best thing you can do to send a clear message is re-electing Donald Trump – it will make them lose their minds.