Pro-Gun Mom Owns Beto: Burglars Don’t Like Armed Defense


Bob Frank O’Rourke held an outdoor town hall meeting in Aurora, CO where most of the attendees concern was on his Second Amendment promise to take guns. As you would expect there were many attendees against 2A, including a Columbine survivor, but within that crowd of useful idiots stood 5’0″ 100lb, mother of 4,  Lauren Boebart who had some choice words for Beta…

Boebart had some nice jabs against the gun grabber:

In response to Beta’s “Hell Yeah we’re going to take away AR-15’s and AK-47’s” she told him “I am here to say, Hell no, you’re not”

She cited his past arrest record, followed up “Burglars do not like armed defense, yet that is a right we have that shall not be infringed in America”.

She also had choice words for some miserable old man, a Vietnam vet, who was using his service to shame people and dictate what we can and can’t have, “I don’t have my AR-15, I have my Glock. Don’t worry, sir, I have your back.”

After landing those jabs Boebart wanted Beto to explain how he is going to legislate evil out of peoples heart!? That really is what’s at issue. Guns do not kill people. They’re inanimate machines, it take a human being to operate them. Beto never really answered the question, he ranted on, didn’t believe in that scenario, but it’s the truth and the one thing Leftists run from in debate.

Democrats can take all the guns away tomorrow, but you can sure later that day or the next day someone will rack a bodycount with a pressure cooker, truck, or a knife. Guns are used everyday to save lives but we never hear about it. The stories exist, once in a while one pops up in local news that MAY get national attention. The evil NRA publishes stories every month, under the heading The Armed Citizen, in their magazine. Unfortunately the stories about good guys with guns is not appealing to the media because it proves their narrative on guns is wrong, especially AR’s which have been equalizers to an individual outnumbered by assailants!

These monsters will never stop until you’re disarmed and compliant with whatever nightmare they have planned for this nation. History has proved in many cases it doesn’t end well. Don’t give up your guns, no matter who is pushing the bill. GOP watch yourselves gates of hell will open up on you.