Booker Promises to Reverse Trump’s Tax Cuts & Give 150 Million Americans “A Tax Increase”

Those tax cuts that were passed to “big corporations”, as Cory Booker and the dems like to put it, which resulted in higher take home pay and some people who would be unemployed vs having a job now are on the chopping block if Booker was to be elected. He actually smiles over the idea of increasing taxes on Americans, ignoring the fact they’re still too high, Americans are still living paycheck to paycheck even in this “upbeat” economy.

Democrats destroy everything in their path, they lack basic understanding of economics which has wrecked businesses and economies. You saw what happened under obama, many of us are still feeling that pain in one way or another. If anything we need more tax cuts, along with govt cutting expenses and the fed to quit manipulating the money supply. We should’ve had a crash but didn’t if this clown, Warren or any of the others gets in 2020 they will trigger a crash with their insane policies.

The economic crash will come no matter what (you know this is you’re a long time visitor to this site), we’re passed due, but these monsters will take gasoline and match to the system with what they propose making it happen sooner rather than later. Our best option is another Trump term with some good conservatives in Congress to do what they can to sure things up, give up more time so instead of crashing into a mountain, we hit some trees…