Beto Tells Fredo No Fearmongering About Gun Confiscation While Calling For Confiscation


Bob Frank O’Rourke aka Beto (aka ) was on CNN to defend his position on gun Confiscation but it didn’t go well for the cultural appropriator. I mean when you have Chris “FREDO” Cuomo telling you a gun confiscation won’t work you’re up the creek with no paddles!

Beto O’Rourke talks to CNN’s Chris Cuomo about criticism of his proposed mandatory gun-buyback program for assault-style rifles

Cuomo: “Are you in fact in favor of gun confiscation?”

Beta: “Yes, when it comes to AR-15’s and AK-47’s, weapons designed for use on a military battlefield, the high impact high-velocity round that is fired from those weapons when it hits your body expends all of its kinetic energy destroying everything that’s inside. I’ve met those who survived fire from an AK-47, I’ve met those who’ve lost a family member, that belongs on the battlefield, does not belong in this country. So when it comes to those weapons, Chris, the answer is yes. But when it comes to firearms used for hunting or self-defense the answer is no. And I don’t want you or anyone else to get into the fear-mongering that some have fallen prey to saying that ‘the government’s going to come and take all of your guns’. What we are talking about exclusively is weapons of war that have no place in our homes, no place on our streets and should remain on the battlefield.”

Cuomo: “… It’s not about fear-mongering. You just said it, Beto, you said you’re going to confiscate guns. I don’t think you can do it legally the Heller case makes it pretty clear that there’s an individual right to own, and I don’t think we’ve ever seen the US government do a taking of private property like what you’re suggesting…”

Beta is literally trying to gaslight Cuomo, faily miserably, while also destroying the Left’s true plans for this nation.

“Weapons of war” is a phrase created by the left with no legitimate meaning or basis, it just sounds scary just like “assault weapon” and “high capacity magazines”. AR-15’s are not weapons of war, they are civilian semi-auto weapons that are inferior to the military’s M-16. The same applies to AK-47’s theyre the military version of the civilian SKS. ANYTHING that has been used on the battlefield can be deemed a weapon of war be it a rock, hammer, axe… the list is endless. Listen close when Leftists say this because they’re also conflating semi-autos with actual military weapons because it’s all part of the plan to disarm America. Go back and watch the dem debate when Beta said he wants to confiscate guns, NO ONE on that stage interrupted or followed up in disagreement. They all support it, he was the dumb one to spell it out.

Don’t give politicians, dem or repub, an inch on anymore gun control, they’ve taken enough as it is proving noting but empowering criminals.

AR-15’s ARE NOT true “weapons of war”, they are inferior weapons, semi-automatic sporting rifles which look like the M16 that IS a select fire “weapon of war”.
AK-47’s, like M-16’s, are military weapons with select fire civilians can’t own. The few who do, had to go through an additional BACKGROUND CHECK, through the ATF, to buy an AK, M-16 or any other select and/ or full automatic weapon. The SKS is the civilian semi-automatic version of the AK.

FACTS matter, and no these are not semantics, mechanically these civilian weapons are different from the military versions they copy. If anyone tries to modify their weapon to fire fully automatic (defined as one pull of the trigger with multiple/ unlimited number of rounds being expelled) they go to jail!

While the video below is old, the information covered is as relevant today as it was when it was first produced following a school mass shooting in San Jose, CA.