Nadler Claims Trump is Engaged in “a Cover-Up, Plain and Simple”


House Judiciary Chair, Jerry Nadler in his opening speech for the Trump impeachment hearing, on obstruction and Russia Russia Russia, conjured up a new angle to justify the witch hunt arguing by Trump invoking Executive Privilege he is engaged in “a cover-up, plain and simple.”

Got it?

I used to be in sales so I speak bullshit fluently, in the most simplest form this is what Nadler the Hut is saying:

executive privilege = cover up = obstruction of justice = high crimes & misdemeanors = impeachment

The way dems dream up these crazy conspiracies, this applies to ALL of them!

Dems will never stop attacking the President until he is out of office. They first said POTUS was guilty of collusion and a Russian agent. Then they said by Trump firing Comey, among other actions within his presidential authority, he was obstructing justice. Saint Mueller torpedoed all of that, so now they pile on all these failed attempts along with saying Trump invoking executive privilege is part of a cover-up which is obstruction 😜😜.

They’re trying to create a crime to pin on Trump and don’t care about the damage and division they do to this country. This is what they’re doing now holding 1/2 of 1/3 govt power, imagine what dems will do if they hold the House and get the White House and Senate!