Dems Want to Disarm Rural America But NOT Gang Members

The democrats as you know are demanding something has to be done about gun violence in America. Their solution is of course more gun control via: “high capacity” magazine bans, ammunition restrictions, background checks on your family and friends, “assault weapons” ban, mandatory buybacks and Red Flag Laws (RFLs). This site has warned for quite sometime democrats will not directly touch the Second Amendment. Instead they’ll go around it and RFLs are what they have been working towards. Dems don’t really care about stopping gun violence, if they did they would have voted to include gang members in RFLs as Rep Ken Buck (who is against RFLs) explains…

“Over 80% of the murders in America with guns are committed by gang members 90% of the crime in America is committed by gang members…

Well for one thing I think that democrats are trying to disarm rural America. And the Second thing, I think that they aren’t serious about gun violence… third they don’t trust law enforcement to create a gang database that is fair”

How can you (dems) rant about gun violence in America but vote against taking action against some of the worst criminals in the country? Because dems don’t care about you, they just want the door opened to legally disarm you while the monsters they cut loose are armed to the teeth!

All of the gun control bills proposed by democrats, that have no effect on criminals but disarm you, are of course are knee-jerk reactions that have died in Congress. But after every mass shooting, by a monster authorities ignored taking action against, we get closer to dems gaining power and these bills becoming law. RFLs are the worst of the bunch as those who are targeted not only have their gun and property rights violated but also denied due process.

Forget all the fighting and back and forth on gun control and listen to what Rep Buck is saying: democrats are not serious about gun violence, otherwise they would include gang members in their bill.

Democrats just want a vehicle to be able to disarm Americans if they get power in 2020. They fear your guns and vote. They want to disarm you so you won’t be able to do anything when they silence your vote by eliminating the Electoral College!

The stakes are high as they can be in 2020, vote Trump and GOP down the ticket or else.