Corey Lewandowski Wrecks Rep Swalwell at Trump Impeachment Hearing


Coery Lewandowski was a champ today during his testimony with the seditious, rebellious, treacherous democrats, who run the House Judiciary Cmte, delivering plenty of entertaining clips taking the traitors to task. One in particular was failed presidential candidate Eric ‘I’ll Nuke You’ Swalwell. Every single time Swalwell tried to be smart ass with his questioning Lewandowski fired back making the anti-Constitutional congressman look like a fool.

If you didn’t watch it, this hearing was a farce. It was the continuation of the Russia Russia Russia witch hunt where these TRAITORS acted like the Mueller report never came out concluding there was NO collusion with Russia. They pushed at every opportunity to make the Russia connection as well as going to plan B Trump was engaged in obstruction of justice. They obviously had nothing and Lewandowski made it known but refusing to answer questions per White House orders or by challenging their questions.

This hearing is what it looks like when a republic begins to collapse. The democrats made up rules while throwing out other rules that worked against them. When the highlight reels hit they’re worth a watch especially with minority ldr Doug Collins.