Sanders Promises to Pass Amnesty to Hispanic Voters and Says YOU Support It!


Bernie Sanders was out pandering to hispanic voters, at Mijente’s: El Chisme 2020, making promises he knows he can’t keep for primary votes. He told attendees what they wanted to hear, that he supports a comprehensive immigration reform and will grant a pathway to citizenship for the 11M illegals in the US. In other words Bernie fully supports lawlessness in America, and will reward those who have come here by keeping them here instead of sending them back to where they came from along with giving them free food, medical care, education, place to live etc all paid for by you!

FYI comprehensive immigration reform = amnesty, don’t be fooled by anything these closet communists say.
DACA/ DREAMers are ILLEGAL ALIENS, regardless of how and when (age) they came here.

Sadly, hispanic voters can’t see they’re being used the same way the democrats used the black community for decades. Worst yet, hispanics don’t see how the dems cast the black community to the side because the latin community is buying their lies! You’d think they’d wonder “How come the democrats care about us all of a sudden?” Don’t worry you’ll learn soon enough.

Democrats are vile opportunists who will break the law for power, as Bernie demonstrates here. They don’t care about any of us so long as they hold all the power and control in this country. We’re almost a year out from the election, while you may be woke, you better make sure everyone around you is too. Democrats have to be POLITICALLY exterminated; do to them nationwide what they did to republicans in California!