Omar: God ‘Expects’ You to Vote a Certain Way


Ilhan Omar was speaking at the Congressional Black Caucus’ Annual Legislative Conference telling attendees the importance of voting. Frankly, and this is a rarity, most of what she said goes for everyone, Left or Right, over how we all should be part of the solution to the nations issues, “Make sure you’re voting, make sure you understand why you’re voting and make sure that you know who you are voting for.” But then she invoked God, suggesting God expects us to vote a certain way

First off, let’s be honest most democrat voters are not religious, hell they’re quite godless supporting abortion, drug use, promiscuity, defiance of the rule of law just to name a few. Second, Omar is clearly pandering for herself and party to get votes as her god (allah) is not the God most voters believe in, and we’ll leave it a that. She suggests god supports social justice to in fact take from those who have to give to those who don’t, who have been programmed to live their lives with their hands out! And that God wouldn’t want you voting for someone she and her ilk deem immoral, mean, racist and bigoted because they say so.

This monster will do anything for power and control. Vote Trump, and send conservative to Congress in Omar’s place, in 2020.