Warren Vows No Houses, Cars or Electricity W/ Carbon Emissions Within 16 Years


Elizabeth Warren is making promises she knows she can’t keep to her climate change cult following. While we can discuss these outlandish destructive policies, stop and think for a second about the time frame Liz sets in this clip.

Fauxcahontas gave her plan to wreck everyone’s life and the world economy in 16 years…. she said on CNN we’re all dead in 11 years!

“We’ve got, what, 11 years, maybe, to reach a point where we’ve cut our emissions in half, and that’s not just America.

….we’d better be willing to put the resources into it because the alternative is unthinkable. Life on Earth is at risk, and if we don’t make this commitment, we not only cheat our children, we cheat their future and their children’s future, and that is morally wrong. We have to be all the way in.”

Speaker Ocasio-Cortez, who has been pushing her Green New Deal, and young Greta Thunberg, who excoriated and condemned world leaders at the UN, have been screeching we only have 10-12 years left!?

I think these scam artists better get their shit straight because they’re doing a lousy job lying!