GOP Presidential Challenger Calls Trump a ‘Traitor’


NeverTrumper Joe Walsh, who is challenging Pres Trump for the GOP nomination, appeared on the DNC’s propaganda network to weigh in on Ukraine- & China-gate. According to Walsh Pres Trump is a traitor for asking these countries to look into the Biden crime family’s shady business dealings.

Just a reminder for anyone out there who aren’t aware, charges of treason are punishable with death! Walsh, the Never Trump movement and the unhinged Left who make this charge against POTUS are calling for his death… for doing his job! Walsh’s word salad to dodge this fact is pathetic, and he does it because he knows the backlash he will get for making the charge.

Joe Biden IS NOT the DNC nominee, he is a DNC primary candidate, there is NO election interference by Trump or anyone on the Right requesting the Biden’s be investigated over their shady business deals. If you watch this video, you’ll see the dems are about as corrupt as they come and they were the ones COLLUDING with the Ukraine to interfere with the 2016 election, where 2 Ukrainians were actually found guilty and serving time for what they did!

(Don’t care what you think of Beck, it’s about the message not the messenger)

This guy is a clown he has no change against POTUS, he’s after the attention and couple bucks he can make by challenging the President.

These RINO’s who have buddied-up with the unhinged violent Left are out of their minds. It would be nice if people actually read the laws for once vs making up their own to push a false narrative. That should show you how dangerous they are to this country. You want to get back at them? You and everyone you know better vote for Trump in 2020 and send him conservative reinforcements in the House and Senate.