That Time Obama/ Biden Admin Pulled Off a Coup in Ukraine Exposed in an Oliver Stone Documentary


America, the Ukraine is a topic the democrats do not want anyone speaking about, whether it’s the est $7 BILLION of your tax dollars that have gone missing or the coup d’état the obama/ Biden admin pulled off. Oh you didn’t know about either of these gems?

It would be in your best interest to make the time to watch this exposé by Glenn Beck (ignore the messenger listen to the message), as everything is verifiable. Hell Beck challenges those on condemning him for airing this to show where he got it wrong… no one has to date.

As for the coup d’état, we can thank OANN’s Jack Posobiec for doing some research, finding this clip from Oliver Stone’s Ukraine on Fire documentary (full video below) naming Joe Biden as the point man who would say one thing and do another, while Victoria Nuland, fmr obama admin Asst Sec of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, and Geoffrey Pyatt, fmr Amb to Ukraine were putting the coup/ “restructuring plans” into motion.

The democrats want to make this about Trump illegally investigating Biden, to keep eyes and ears off of their absolute corruption overseas. Keep in mind to high level Ukrainian officials went to jail for interfering in the US election against Trump! You won’t hear that on an DNC controlled news program. You’ re all seeing why obama didn’t want Biden running. This thing with the Ukraine is not about Uncle Joe, it’s about obama, Joe, Hillary, Soros, Pelosi, the Podesta’s, the Democrats, Deep State operatives and TONS of $💰$💰… YOUR MONEY being unaccounted for! Pres Trump is trying to expose it all as it’s connected to the Russia hoax which he is hell-bent on finding those responsible for framing him. That is why countless individuals are coming out against the President from both sides of the aisle. Soon we’ll learn about republicans who have/ had their hand in the cookie-jar too.

Full Stone Documentary