Leftists Want to Impeach VP Pence Too!


If you thought only Pres Trump is in the Left’s cross hairs for impeachment you were wrong. Leftist Chris Matthews… Tingles with no proof says VP Pence is “engaged in the same thing Trump was engaged in, which is basically shaking down a foreign leader to get dirt on a political candidate, the candidate you’re supporting, Joe Biden. Shouldn’t he be the subject of an impeachment inquiry as well at this point?”

Tingles said it but the entire Left agrees with it. Don’t think for a second they’ll be satisfied with impeaching Pres Trump, finding a way to remove him from office but leave Pence in play. They will go after Pence with lies just as they are against Trump. (Yes, that would mean Pelosi would be President!)
The Democrats want to erase YOUR 2016 vote.

This meme, ones like it, has been floating around for a while, but it’s dead on…

Democrats HATE YOU, they want to punish you for taking away something they felt belonged to them. There is no limit as to how far they go. The same leaders condemning Trump, falsely accusing him of stirring up violence to even starting a civil war are the ones stoking the flames. Don’t think for one minute they won’t get more violent than they already are. They can try to impeach Trump, but it will fail, and even if they did no President who has been impeached has ever been removed from office. If the Left tries they will get a fight like they can’t imagine.