For Those Who Doubt Rep Tlaib is Racist, This Will Put It To Rest

Rashida Tlaib can carry-on, whine and complain over how she is treated, but facts are facts and the evidence has been mounting since she took office over her bigotry and racism toward jews, whites and at times blacks – pretty much non-muslims/ “arabs”. Here we have the member of the 4 Horsewomen of the Apocalypse telling Detroit Police Chief that only blacks should operate a facial recognition system because “Analysts need to be African-Americans, not people that are not, because let me tell you…no happens all the the time.. it’s true I think non African-Americans think African-Americans all look the same…”

Talib doesn’t even hide the racism searing through her veins. Here’s what happened here, Tlaib found herself among minorities and arrogantly thought she was safe to speak her mind, not realizing the people there are NOT racists like herself. Her concern is not for the black community, it’s how “her people”, arabs/ middle easterners will be treated (racial profiled).

This woman has Z E R O business holding a seat in the US Congress. Detroit Police Chief James Craig, a black man, was not happy with the radical dem, saying her comment was clearly ‘racist’.

Now had this been a member of the GOP the entire Left would be demanding their immediate resignation, apologies issued and their head on a pike. But because it is an arab woman, a “minority” and hardcore unhinged violent Leftist (here’s proof) the media of course ignores it.

This is the modern democrat party America. Your choice in 2020 is beyond clear: vote for radicals, socialists, racists, some of the most corrupt in history or choose Trump and conservative GOP candidates.