Waters Upset She’s Being Harassed Because of Trump


Maxine Waters is not happy over how she is being treated in public because of Trump. Apparently the Congresswoman needs private security and can’t go to the supermarket because of her divisive rhetoric over the years against Pres Trump is now coming back to bite her in the ass!

What did Waters think was going to happen after constantly berating the President, calling to remove him from office since the day he was elected, to in fact undo the will of voters, while giving her blessing to harass and attack anyone from the admin to Trump supporters?

Waters, the entire democrat party and media are endangering people with this bullshit they’ve been doing since Nov 9th 2016! Again for the record it is democrats and unhinged Leftists who are harassing people, committing acts of crime and violence. It was a democrat who shot up the GOP, almost killing Rep Scalise. They’ve got their own modern-day Brownshirts in antifa, which none of these people whining on tv about Trump and conservatives have ever condemned. On the contrary they have more or less given their blessing to the domestic terrorists.

You made your bed Maxine, now deal with it. It’s not our problem you need 24/7 security, you didn’t have to take as far as you did you pushed it and have to face the consequences. Be happy you have private security because there are people in the spotlight who cant, thus the need for the Second Amend YOU and your ilk are trying to take away. As for Civil War 2.0, when.. IF it happens, history will record YOU as being one of the catalysts that started it.