Tlaib: Democrats Are Looking Into How to Arrest Trump Officials


The democrats are pretty confident they are not only going to impeach Pres Trump but as Rashida Tlaib tells supporters they will also arrest admin officials too, who do not obey the will of the democrat party…

Don’t recall the republican party discussing how they would go about arresting Hillary for violating a subpoena or when Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress.

Listen to her though, the dems are trying to figure out how and who would arrest Trump and admin officials! Yes, it’s unprecedented because we have a party that has come completely unhinged who are engaged in sedition, insurrection and rebellion trying to pin their crimes on the President!

Donald Trump has not broken any laws. We know the “legal” experts on CNN and MSNBC, along with the fmr Superior Court Judge turncoat on Fox, claim otherwise, but these are the same people who said Trump was guilty of collusion.. then it was obstruction, violations of the Emoluments clause etc. The Left keeps making crimes up, so of course they think they got him. What you’re actually seeing here, is one of many coup d’état conspirators telling you how they will pervert the law making it look official to remove the President and members of his admin from office!

The Left is petrified over what will be uncovered by AG Barr and US Atty Durham. They are trashing anyone investigating the corruption in Ukraine that has democrats and some republicans fingerprints all over it.

If Trump and the GOP do not win in a massive landslide next year then this country will get exactly what it deserves.