Maxine Waters Doubles Down Call for Trump to Be Imprisoned


Maxine Waters loves being in the spotlight, doing everything within her power to widen the divide in this country spewing her hate for Pres Trump. Earlier today she tweeted to the GOP to stop the President from calling out his accuser putting them in danger and the typical nonsense we’ve come to expect from her…

.. and of course she went on MSNBC-13 doubling down that POTUS deserves to be imprisoned, held in solitary confinement. No she never spelled out any actual crimes committed, it’s just because he is dismantling the remnants of obama’s “legacy”, exposing the Deep State as well as all who are corrupt in DC and says mean things.

People need to understand Donald Trump has done nothing illegal to date. The democrats keep making crimes up, claiming things that just aren’t true. And now they take it up a notch where anything he says is secret mob language suggesting calls for violence, to have people killed or whatever.

These people are out of their minds and they want 100% control over this country.. over YOUR life! If you don’t vote GOP and Trump in 2020, this monster and her ilk will be running everything.