Scarborough: Trump Calling For ‘Civil War, Acts of Violence’

Here we go again, the Left as usual is accusing Pres Trump of what they’re actually saying and doing. Morning Joe Scarborough has selective memory, he seems to forget when his democrat party idols, like Maxine Waters, are the ones instigating and giving their blessing to their foot-soldiers to harass and engage admin officials, Trump supporters and conservatives, many cases documented on this site.

Every bullet point Joe comes up with can be countered with many instances of violence committed by the Left because they can’t get over that woman losing in 2016. Not one word came out of his mouth about the Leftist who tried to swing the balance of power in Congress with his failed assassination attempt against the GOP practicing for a baseball game.

Let’s not forget how other propagandists have demonized white men making them targets while dismissing antifa…

Or advocated violence “for the children”

There are plenty of examples, many involving antifa attack against Trump supporters using weapons and milkshakes that had chemicals to quick drying cement in them. The democrats are the ones proposing laws threatening to use armed force (aka “mandatory buyback”) to disarm Americans if they don’t hand over their property (weapons). If ANYONE is going to start a Civil War in this country it will be the democrats just like they did the first time around in the late 1850’s.

They will lose the Second Civil War far faster than they start it.