Don Lemon Defends Antifa AGAIN: “No Organization is Perfect” (Video)


“Antifa stands for anti-fascist. They fight fascism. It’s right there in the name…
No organization is perfect..”

CNN continues to ensure they’ll never be a legitimate new organization ever again from pushing fake stories they refuse to retract as in the case with Lanny Davis lying to supporting unhinged violent Leftists.

Once again Don Lemon has defended the dangerous violent anti-fascists fascist group antifa, solidifying his approval and blessing, as well as the networks since they have not issued a correction of any type, with the violence antifa engages in. Apparently clubbing people over the head with bike-locks, among other acts of violence, is okay with this political activist masquerading as a journalist.

Antifa are modern-day Brownshirts (Sturmabteilung) for the democrat party and the media, and based on what came out of Austin TX they’re getting ready to take it up a notch to spin-off their own modern-day version of the SS (Schutzstaffel)!

Oppose the Counterfeit! Antifascism Must Take On a Paramilitary Character!
…we encourage the formation of paramilitary organizations on two levels. The first being those who are mainly unarmed but are prepared and trained to carry out fist fighting or using blunt weapons like axe handles or flagpoles as well as shields and basic armoring. The second level is the more advanced embryo of a Red Army, which is trained militarily and operates as soldiers all the time, engaging in production and mass work among the proletariat and the oppressed nation’s people.”
~ Red Guards Austin

Lemon, CNN, the majority of the media and democrat party now OWN whatever happens going forward.

Do Not be fooled by these people coming to this groups defense. Antifa are domestic terrorists, when things get worse, in this country, they will be the ones responsible.

Pres Trump’s warning is correct, violence will follow if the GOP takes large losses in the midterms. Why?
Because these radicals will be emboldened, their “team” will be in control, so anyone on the Right expressing opposition going so far as to protest a democrat controlled House and/ or Senate will be met with violence. THAT is what Trump was warning to evangelical leaders in an alleged recording obtained by NBC News.

CNN is not only a purveyor of fake news but after this from Lemon they are no different from Pravda or al-Jazeera being complicit with any act of violence carried out against conservatives, republicans, TEA Party activists etc.