Trump Warns Facebook, Google and Twitter Censoring Conservatives Might Be Illegal! (Video)


The Left is obviously denying anyone on the Right is under any kind of attack or censorship from Big Tech (Facebook, Google and Twitter) but those of us who have been feeling and seeing it know better. STR has been under heavy assault from Facebook for years, and IMO it like many small conserv pages were the testing grounds over the years for what is now happening on a massive scale.

FB has repeatedly suspended yours truly for no reason whatsoever. (Feel free to go through my timeline and you’ll see posts over the last few years citing the censorship with screenshot examples) Posts to groups have been cited as spam only to have FB concede they are not after challenges were issued. Yet even after FB admitted I did no wrong they left me on suspension!

Twitter is not issuing STR suspensions, but is heavily shadow banning @BMartin1776. I have posted over 96K tweets, and there have been some doozies from time to time that should’ve gone viral but were DOA. How do I know this? Because similar tweets from others did go viral! You would think someone who posts 96K tweets, providing content not just blather or trolling, would have a large following, nope. The account was opened in 2009 and to this day has only 2600+ followers, AFTER getting a boost from a celebrity and a friend, that’s it. They too are shadow banned because between the two of them there;s just shy of a million followers, where a fraction answered their call to help me out.

As for Google, try finding an Op posted by STR in a search. You won’t find STR posts 10-20 pages back either! On Google+ STR posts about Mark Levin were being removed, with no warning or reason!

So the censoring does exist, when the left denies it they’re lying. Enter Pres Trump…

Trump is seeing it himself, the White House is getting complains, he’s hearing it from Reps Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Mark Meadows and other GOP members of Congress. He’s seen the abuse against conservative speakers/ activists like Candice Owens and the daily threats against Dana Loesch and the NRA.

There’s plenty of proof he and the admin have seen, so much so Trump told reporters today that what Big Tech is doing “may not be legal”!

Big Tech is out of control. They KNOW what they’re doing, and have taken it too far. STR is all for small govt. The last thing we need is more govt regs, but when you are engaged in a business platform taking money from candidates or rejecting it, while entertaining an opposing candidate whose politics lean your way, while you’re manipulating information when it comes to the outcome of an election you got problems!

Television and radio companies are all privately owned companies like Big Tech, BUT they are now under federal oversight because they became far too influential in American politics and social issues. What’s happening with Big Tech is the same difference. The medium has changed but the acts of suppression and favoritism exists.

If Big Tech companies want to avoid coming under the govts thumb all they have to do is stop the censorship, make it fair like POTUS said, “You know what we want? Not regulation, we just want fairness.” Stop telling users what they can and cannot see, giving them the tools/ filters to determine what they want to see. If, not get ready for Big Brother to take over.