Rep Zeldin Wrecks the Media Over Their Bias With Schiff


Rep Lee Zeldin wrecked the media over their bias siding with the dems, more specifically Adam Schiff who is playing outright games with the impeachment farce. In a nutshell, the media are not asking the questions on issues that really matter that should be asked, so Zeldin formed the questions the media should be asking and proceeded to answer them.


Frankly, Zeldin went easy on these people, he should’ve destroyed them calling out their blatant selective reporting. These people don’t even understand in the eyes of sane Americans they are Pravda for democrat party. Hell most of them are not even reporters, they think they are, but the majority are political activists pushing the liberal/ progressive agenda.

In all seriousness, no name calling or whatever, Adam Schiff is clearly beyond corrupt. He LIED for 3 yrs he had evidence of collusion, that Mueller didn’t even have (BTW that’s obstruction) yet never produced it. He lied in Congressional hearing and had no intentions of telling those in attendance the script he was reading from suggesting it was Pres Trump’s words was parody until he got called out on it. In other words had no one said anything that parody would have been recorded in Congress as fact! With regards to the recent whistleblower, Schiff is engaged with witness tampering and God knows what else. He should be expelled from Congress as he poses national security threat based on people and countries he was implicating.

391 days to establish connections with like-minded people to ensure Donald Trump is re-elected, otherwise Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC and the rest of the traitors are going to be running the entire show.