Biden Calls For Trump to be Impeached


Joe Biden knows his days running for the DNC nomination are numbered, ever since it was revealed his son was conveniently making big money off countries/ govts his father was dealing with as VP. He has been out of character lashing out at reporters and pundits that his quid pro quo is a nothing burger while suggesting Pres Trump’s cordial conversation with the Ukrainian President was unpresidential and out of decorum.

Like a caged animal with nowhere to turn Biden is joining the long conga line of progressives calling for Pres Trump to be impeached…

#1 The US is not a democracy.
#2 At no time has Pres Trump done anything other leaders haven’t done, on the contrary he has done what others were afraid or refused to do, putting their personal interests or party agenda ahead of the country.
#3 At no time has Biden, nor any democrat for that matter, cited any federal law Pres Trump violated to justify calls for impeachment.
#4 There has been no formal House vote on impeachment, therefore Trump is not obligated to subject himself to the democrats abusive inquiries and fake subpoenas. How can you be guilty of indicting yourself for obstruction if there is no crime??

What you have here are lies being told over an over again until they become “truth”, that Trump violated the office he holds, and committed impeachable offenses but specifics are never spelled out.

Biden told us all what the Left’s game plan was to fool the people, win hearts and minds, several months ago that was mocked by just about everyone in conservative media, radio and tv. He stated, ‘we choose truth over facts‘, “truth” as told and interpreted by the Left, vs facts as in no actual crimes have been committed by Trump.

Look at what they’ve been doing to the President for 3 years and understand if they can do this to him they can most certainly wreck anyone’s life who crosses them.

Vote Trump 2020