Democrat Party Impeachment Witnesses Again Burn Dems Narrative Trump Did Something Wrong


In todays episode of the Democrat Party Circus their witnesses, US Ambassador Kurt Volker and White House Aide Tim Morrison, testified, and like the past three dem star witnesses, providing nothing to support the dems narrative Pres Trump did something wrong!

In this first clip Volker makes it clear that foreign aid being held up is not uncommon, and he has seen it from other administrations!

Next we have Volker and Morrison saying the Ukraine was not aware the aid was held up during the July phone call between Pres’ Trump and Zelensky

With regards again to the “smoking gun” July phone call Morrison heard nothing that concerned him about the call…

Volker made it clear there was NO quid pro quo aka extortion aka bribery or whatever in the hell the dems are calling it today

The democrat confederacy has absolutely nothing on Donald Trump, because the President has done NOTHING WRONG. The confederacy is digging for a crime to pin on him but their witnesses keep backfiring on them!

This is a coup d’état against him and YOU. The dems are trying to erase your 2016 vote. These hearings are also 2020 campaign propaganda not for informed voters but the uninformed they’re banking on converting to a ‘D’ vote. They know there are people who have no idea what is going on who will conclude based on the headlines “gee look at all these impeachment hearings Trump must’ve done something wrong”. Yes, there are people who vote who are this clueless who will accept the crap you’re seeing everyday as legit. That is why it’s on YOU to get active spread the truth, EDUCATE the clueless that it’s all a farce, show them vids like those on this page and on this site, otherwise you can kiss Trump’s reelection good bye!