Sanders: Gov’t Healthcare Takeover Will Provide Benefits to Illegal Immigrants


The pure arrogance Bernie Sanders has thinking the American people are okay with govt takeover of healthcare is infuriating, adding illegals to it is pure insanity where care will be far worse than under obamacare or how vets get treated at the VA.

obamacare is a complete and total disaster, as it was designed to be, where people did everything in the power to resist it because – NO ONE asked the govt to takeover our healthcare.

The Veterans Administration is a perfect example of govt controlled healthcare and how it is an abysmal failure. Yes, Pres Trump has done what he can to fix it, but it’s a warning to how 330,000,000+ Americans will be treated. Govt controlled healthcare does not work, nations that do it, while covering everyone provide poor care. Where did Mick Jagger go for heart surgery? The USA, not the UK, Sweden, Finland, Venezuela or Cuba!!

That said Sanders want taxpayers to foot the bill for illegal aliens while they’re covering everyone else. Illegals contribute nothing to the US, the money they make they send back to family from wherever in the hell they’re from. Hell illegals REFUSE to assimilate to American culture so why should taxpayers be forced to provide them medical care too!

Sanders is desperate for votes, he’s only making this promise because he wants the hispanic vote. The fact that his, Warren’s or any dem running for office, plan will wreck our healthcare system doesn’t bother him because HE and all of DC WON’T BE ON THAT PLAN!

All you dem voters out you do understand the people who pander to you for votes will NOT be subjected to the plans they promise for all. No, no, Congress has their own Cadillac healthcare plan. While you’re waiting a month or two to see someone about that lump, or the bleeding, because 330M + 20M illegals are on the same plan, understand Sanders is getting his ailments taken care of the same day/ week!

One last thing, NO ONE is denied medical care, here is a sign from yours truly’s one of many ER visits for kidney stones!